Shuyan Saga follows the story of a princess who loses her home and family to a devastating Guer invasion. To save her people, she must become a powerful kung fu warrior, yet only a pure heart can bring miracles once more into the human realm. What will it take? And who is the real enemy? Success is not what Shuyan perceived it to be.

The story revolves around the Five Kingdoms, all built on the foundations of Kung Fu. Every kingdom has unique values and cultures, which have originated from the nation’s Kung Fu system.

Pulling from the Chinese traditions of Kung Fu, each system of Kung Fu is also a path of self-cultivation within the lore. At the lower levels of Kung Fu practice, a student may obtain the skills to defend themselves; but at deeper levels they realize the higher moral values of the practice, and this helps them transcend the levels of ordinary society.

A master of Kung Fu can become a guardian of the people and of the cultural values that are at the heart of each kingdom and may themselves obtain the protection of a guardian or deity.

Through Shuyan’s adventure, our wish is for audiences to experience an authentic Kung Fu journey.